Hair loss

Who might like to have a hair fall, especially for men, who have a higher risk of baldness than women? If you are experiencing hair fall, it is best to consult a doctor to find the root cause. However, these home tips can also help you to develop healthy hair. Although hair loss is most common in men, women are also not excused because in the fast life men and women are losing their hair faster. In women, hair can fall off after maternity. Also, diseases such as thyroid, scalp infection, old age, and alopecia are among the leading causes of rapid hair loss.

Experts say there may be several causes for abnormal hair loss. They range from vitamin deficiencies to physical disorders and depression. However, every day some hair must fall off which is a normal part. But the fact is that what we eat has amazing effects on our hair.


Ways to Reduce Hair Loss:

There are many ways to reduce hair falling but natural ways are the best ways because they don’t have side effects. Eating raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and salads, etc., on a Mediterranean diet for three days can reduce Alopecia and menstrual baldness. This type of diet is called the Mediterranean diet. Proteins are made from a kind of protein (keratin) that causes hair to begin to weaken and break down. Therefore, it is important to use dairy or dairy products, fish, peas, beans, nuts, eggs and poultry in the diet. Vitamin A is very important for hairs.

It increases the growth of sodium in the body, which promotes hair while keeping the skin of the scalp good. It is important to use carrots, yams, and spinach, etc. Besides vitamin A, vitamin D, B, C, zinc, and selenium are very important for hair. A study in 2018 has shown that if consumed 800 to 1000 international units of vitamin D daily, a disease like Alopecia can be eliminated to a great extent.

Three to five milligrams of herbs can be eaten daily with the advice of your doctor. A type of fruit is found on the cypress trees of the pineapple, called a palmetto, in the United States. By using this, 60% of the people have improved their hair growth because it increases testosterone hormone in the body. Hair care is very important when daily hair loss is causing your hair loss. It is important to avoid extremely fragrant shampoos. Coconut oil is used from centuries for hair as scalp oil. It has been termed as a hair diet. This oil is very moisturizing to prevent damage to the hair of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The simple reason for this is lauric acid found in the oil, which binds proteins to hair and increases blood flow. While styling your hair avoids chemicals as far as hair straightening, dyeing, and processing. Excessive heat can also be harmful. That is why to rely on natural cures.


Aloe Vera

If you are worried about how to prevent falling hair, Aloe Vera can be a great way to get rid of this problem, Aloe Vera creates such a healthy environment for hair cells by preventing damage to the surface. It also increases the growth of hairs. Aloe Vera also cleanses a component of bacteria that prevents the roots of the hair from growing. For this purpose, massage the pure gel of Aloe Vera on your head.


Onion juice

According to a study published in the Medical Journal of Dermatology, the onion juice greatly contributes to hair growth; during this research, onion juice was massage twice a day for up to 6 weeks, the results showed. This scrub is a natural treatment that helps prevent hair from falling and improves its growth. Sulfur is found in onions, which prevents blood infections, improves blood flow, accelerates collagen development, and prevents onion on your head and leave it for fifteen minutes then wash the hair with shampoo this will help you in treatment of hair loss.



Garlic can eliminate the problem of hair fall because it contains an abundant amount of spirit; it is also found in sulfur compound onions and according to a medical study, it is very effective in preventing hair fall. Chop the garlic and then rub the slices of it on your scalp. You can also get benefits from it by adding garlic to the oil and then massage it on the head.


Coconut milk

Coconut is often the main ingredient of shampoos and conditioners, due to its ability to restore moisture. Massage the coconut milk once a day and giving up for ten minutes can soon relieve the problem and prevent effective hair loss.


Apple vinegar

The acidity of this vinegar removes the dryness by altering the surface of the head. Mix a quarter cup of apple vinegar with a quarter cup of water in a spray bottle and then sprinkle it on your head. Then wrap the towel over your head and sit for fifteen minutes to an hour and then wash the hair. Repeat this twice a week for best results.