We Are Here To Satisfying our Clients.

At Jack Alexander Hair Salon & day Spa, our staff is exceptionally trained and maintains the highest standards of professionalism as they attend to each client needs. We have dedicated ourselves to providing services that measure up to these expectations of our diverse clientele. We have made a point to keep up with the latest developments in the health and beauty industry. As such we have invested in the best available equipment and products. We do not compromise on the quality of our services because we believe that quality sells.

Helen Parkins
Helen ParkinsCEO & Founder
Eric Widget
Eric WidgetCTO & Partner
Jason Response
Jason ResponseCFO & Partner
Dylan Meringue
Dylan MeringueDirector of Operations
Will Barrow
Will BarrowHR Director
Indigo Violet
Indigo VioletBusiness Development
Gordon Norman
Gordon NormanDevelopment Manager
Richard Tea
Richard TeaDesign Manager

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